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Top Forex Trading Risk to Avoid

September 29th, 2022

When it comes to liquidity and trading volume,Guest Posting the forex market is the largest in the entire world. Most of the forex transactions are based on forwards, options, forex swaps, spot transactions, and currency swaps. All these products and instruments are leveraged. Leverage is a double-edged sword. Yes, leverage gives you the power to open a large trading position with a small amount of capital, but at the same time, if the trade goes against you, you lose your initial capital and the leveraged money with the loss incurred on the trade.

There are various risks associated with the forex trade, and leverage risks just one of them. In this article, we will talk about the top forex risks that every trader must consider.

Leverage Risk

When you trade currency pairs via leveraged products, you need to put in some minimal initial investment called margin. Margin is the way to access significant trades in various currency pairs. Due to small changes in the price, margin calls take place. Margin calls require traders to pay an additional margin. During high volatility, excessive leverage can also result in extensive losses due to an excess of the initial investments. Therefore, it is very crucial that traders use leverage with utter caution and measurement. Many new traders think that leverage is a free pass to rapid and expansive profits. Well, this isn’t quite the case. Leverage surely gives you the opportunity to open large trading positions, but if these positions do not work in your favor, you end up losing your margin, i.e., your initial capital, your leveraged money, with the loss you incurred on the trading position. Therefore, leverage trading is considered one of the major forex risks for traders.

Interest Rate Risk

Another in the list of major forex risks is fluctuations in interest rates. When any institution borrows money, the lender will charge an interest rate on the loan. The rate of interest typically depends on how much risk the lender is taking. The borrowers that are considered highly risky will pay a high rate of interest on the loan. On the other hand, borrowers that entail lesser risks pay lower interest rates.

The ‘Big 3′ and Forex Converters

April 23rd, 2022

Auto Executives In Washington Second Time

Once again the chief executives are in Washington to ask the government for aid in the form of a bailout. This time the executives left the company jets at home and drove to Washington in an attempt to give the impression of frugality. GM stated that without an immediate bailout they could be out of business in little more than a month resulting in the loss of millions of jobs. The effect on the economy would be devastating and send the economy into a tailspin. Forex markets would be severely disrupted and traders and investors would have to consult forex converters almost hourly in a worse case scenario.

Concern About Credit Default Swaps

The ‘big 3′ executives appeared in front of the Senate Finance Committee and will appear in front of the House Finance Committee tomorrow. In an opening statement Sen. Chris Dodd raised the specter of unintended consequences if no help is forthcoming for the beleaguered auto industry. Dodd brought up the unpleasant subject of credit default swaps. Speculators use these swaps to place bets on the likelihood of some companies defaulting on their debts. If companies default, holders of CDS on those companies have to be paid by those obliged to pay those CDS obligations.

These could be called weapons of mass economic destruction that could wreak havoc on the US economy. These CDS agreements are widely held by financial institutions and many are toxic assets. One of the reasons banks are hoarding cash is because they’re worried about the CDS on their books and those held by other banks, insurers, and other financial institutions.

Automaker Failure Would Be Disastrous

If the big 3 automakers default it would have disastrous consequences on an economy already in recession. It could easily affect the US dollar sending forex traders and investors running to their forex converters every few minutes to keep up with forex markets.